Readers of Christianity Today voted 92% in Bill Nye’s favor that he won the evolution vs. creationism debate. 92%!

Not even sure why there should be a debate about this. Oh, America.


1930 Art Deco Henderson

"It’s a 1930 Henderson that was customized before WW2 by a fellow called O. Ray Courtney and fitted with ‘streamliner’ bodywork. The art deco influence is obvious; legendary automotive designer Harley Earl could have drawn those curves. It’s all the more unusual because the mechanicals are hidden: even at the height of the Art Deco movement, most motorcycles were a triumph of form over function, with exposed cooling fins, brake drums and suspension springs. The bike is owned by collector Frank Westfall of Syracuse. It caused a stir in June 2010 when it appeared at the Rhinebeck Grand National Meet, a motorcycle show held a couple of hours drive north of NYC. Grail Mortillaro (of the chopper blog Knucklebusterinc) had a camera to hand, so we have him to thank for these images.”

Text/photos via CoolHunter.net. Additional photos via Google Image Search.

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butts for president


butts for president

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I freaking love these

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